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Aug 2013
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A Football Club's Structure - Rafa Benitez's view

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Rafa Benítez

I have always maintained that those of us who work in football are privileged. And that’s because we get paid for a job we love and are passionate about. And in my case, I have been lucky enough to have worked in different countries, to have observed different cultures and ways of working, to have benefited from those experiences and this gives me, I believe, some idea of being able to analyse things from a different perspective, from the outside...
Aug 2013
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Too many injuries?, by Rafa Benítez

Professional Football

Rafa Benítez

This is, and will be in the coming months, a topic for debate. No team is free from injuries and especially teams who play the most games, with a greater physical load, more long trips, more success in different competitions, meaning they will play more and with a higher intensity right to the end of the season.

This then raises the question – Can you avoid injuries? The answer is a clear ‘no’. However, you can work in a way to prevent and reduce the amount of them.