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Jul 2013
11:30 Comments (31)
What is the age to start playing football?

Youth Football

Rafa Benítez

There are many schools of thought about when to start playing sports. We have summarized all of these diverse ideas into two very concrete ones. Some authors talk about initiating sports participation during early childhood and others claim that the right time is around 10 years of age.
Jul 2013
10:58 Comments (28)
Where are the wingers?

General Articles

Rafa Benítez

Why have wingers disappeared? Why has it become fashionable to use fullback-wingers? To understand this we have to know a bit about systems of play...
Jul 2013
12:43 Comments (13)
Why should you rotate players in squads which have a high number of matches?

Professional Football

Paco de Miguel

I was lucky enough to attend the ‘Audience with Rafa Benitez at the Empire Theatre in Liverpool and I saw that many subjects were dealt with in depth and others, due to time restrictions, were only dealt with more superficially. With some of these latter subjects, I think we can take the opportunity to deal with them more calmly now...