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Jan 2012
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Teaching tactical concepts in football during the formative years

Professional Football

Eduardo Parra

Football is part of a group of sports which are known as team sports, and as such can be characterized by the relationship between co-operation (between team mates) and opposition (against an opponent). In the development of the game we can consider 3 basic aspects: time-space aspect, demonstrated in the attacking phase by use of the ball individually and collectively to overcome barriers and opponents, and in the defending phase by the creation of barriers to delay and stop movement of the opponents and the ball with the objective of regaining possession; information aspect demonstrated by the creation of doubt in the opponent and confidence in team mates; and the organisational aspect established by the collective plan integrated with individual actions and vice versa...
Jan 2012
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Blending Traditions and Trends, by Rafa Benítez

General Articles

Rafa Benítez

Just a couple of hours ago I finished a talk, a discussion, in front of a mixture of candidates for the UEFA Pro Licence and a refresher course for the same licence organized by the FA. And I would like to take the opportunity to share with you here some of the ideas discussed...
Jan 2012
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Bundesliga Analysis on rafabenitez.com

Professional Football

David Serrano

With the aim of analysing the first half of the German Bundesliga season, we can use the winter break to look closely at one of the most passionate leagues in European football. Let’s have a look...