Personal life

My official name is Rafael Benítez Maudes, but everyone knows me as Rafa Benítez.

I was born on 16th April 1960 in Madrid, where my parents, Francisco and Rosario, had lived all their lives. I have an older brother, Francisco Javier, and a younger sister, María del Rosario.

My father was always a strong Atlético de Madrid supporter, while my mother always supported Real Madrid. Even though they followed rival teams, both parents supported me with equal passion and dedication when I joined the ranks of Real Madrid aged 13. Despite the fact I joined his rival team, my father always empathised with the ‘red and white mattress’ (Atlético).Imagen

While I was working at the ‘Abasota Gym’ in Madrid, I met my wife Montse. We have two daughters, Claudia and Agata.