The MBF makes a donation to Dale Farm Trust


The Dale Farm Trust operates and runs the farm plus they own all the equipment. The land and farm are owned by the Wirral Borough Council. There are 70 people with varying disabilities who go to work on the farm. 25/30 is the normal daily average of students, all bring different strengths. There are 40 volunteer helpers with 5/10 in attendance each day to help with the 25/30 students who go to work on the farm.

Dale Farm sold £18,000 of produce last year. With this in mind the Montse Benitez Foundation bought a large chiller unit which helps extend the shelf life of their produce and reduces the wastage of fruit and vegetables. Montse bought Dale Farm Trust 2 new lawnmowers. Dale Farm Trust have placed a plaque on the chiller unit with thanks from The Montse Benitez Foundation.